Tips to forget my ex?

i still miss my ex bf we still talk each other but i think he is not interested in me i need to forget him i haven't seen him for 2 months i try to stay busy and go out with my friends but i still have feelings for him he broke up with me 3 months ago


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  • Well the first thing you need to do is stop talking to him, having contact with a ex doesn't give you the chance to actually forget them considering you're still communicating with them so cutting contact from his is probably the first thing to do and then just focus on other things like you have been doing for example going out with friends, family, working on yourself to improve yourself, taking up new hobbies, and then maybe when you feel ready start looking at all your other options of guys out there


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  • ... We still talk each other...
    No Contact is the best when trying to 'Forget my ex,' rosa30. If you see there is no hope, that you want more in store and that he 'Is not interested in me,' then fizzle and phase yourself out of his life and move on.
    It's sometimes easier to lick your war wounds when the smoking gun isn't around.
    Good luck. xx

  • Stop talking to him... Talking to him is a way of keeping him a part of your life... With exes you have to cut all ties, there should be no contact otherwise getting over someone is going to take much longer than it should or it is not going to happen at all. If you want to get over him, you should definitely stop talking. There is no way around this.


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