Breaking up because of other peoples problems?

I'll try an keep this boyfriend and I have over the past few months have obviously mixed our friends up. I've become very close friends with his friends gf. She became a bit clingy since I was literally the only friend she had. She would talk to me about all her arguments and fight she would have with her boyfriend and I would listen like a good friend (This would happen almost every second day) this guy she is dating is a proper steriod junky who would get crazy upset and became physically and afressive with her often . I started seriously disliking and use to tell my bf about his friends behaviour to this girl. I told her to get out the relationship and gave her what I think is good advice. But ofcourse the minute she got back with this jerk she ran and told him everyhing I has said. ..he attacked my boyfriend claiming that I speak bad about him to everyone ( his a women beater, yes i spoke to him but not sure whose everyone since we don't share any other friends). My boyfriend and I got into a crazy fight an he said " no matter what happens, he will always be my friend". I simply replied "bro's before hoes" and he said "always". This crushed me since during our whole relationship he has seen this jerk 3 times...we almost 7 months this together. We have not spoken...he somehow switched his watsapp off and not answering my calls. I might be clingy but I can't stand this feeling of not knowing what going on. before we ended the argument I expressed how I was sad he felt this way about me since I always put him first and he replied "I'm happy we ended, I need space" that has bruised Me... I was meant to meet his mom this weekend for the first time... right now I'm not sure where we's been about 12 hours of no contact. ..we have never gone to bed without saying goodnight so i think we might be done. How do I even get over this...we were best friends and soulmates until he started steroids too. HELP!


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  • Give it three to four days max. That's enough time to give him some chill and to miss you. To not have his normalities like calling you at night. It works for my bf


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