Are you or have you been legally separated and are bound by certain rules according to the separation agreement?

What are the rules of the agreement?


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  • When your separated a Judge gives you a set of "Do's" and "Don'ts"
    as long as everything is done legal according to the Judge/ courts it
    can work out good for you.. My parents were legally separated my dad
    couldn't call, make threats to my mom in any way, etc if she called the
    police than she would of needed to get a PFA on my dad but it never
    went that far but there is rules.. If your marriage in any ways got abuse
    make sure to tell the Judge/ courts you want PFA so your spouse can't
    come to where your living or show up at your work, parents house and
    commit abuse against you in any way.

    • Anything else?

    • Well, your best to go through the courts for legal separation
      my parents separated on their own than it was 4 years before
      they got legal divorce also rules will be different if your legally
      separated compared

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  • yes? whats up?

    • What are the rules of the agreement?

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    • Not turning up at your spouses place of work without an appointment? Anything else you can tell me besides that?

    • not really, we had an amicable split... in fact he was disappointed i couldnt go see him when he was working one day and i was briefly back in town!

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