Can I get my boyfriend back when "the spark is gone"?

Before my boyfriend and I started dating we had a rocky start. We were friends and we liked each other for almost 2 years but we were in different places for a long time. When he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, we had the most amazing relationship. I went from thinking we'd never be together because he just didn't seem that interested and even was a jerk to me from time to time, to a total 180. Suddenly he couldn't keep his hands off of me, he was affectionate even in public (and he's a pretty reserved guy), wanting to spend time with me, wanting me to meet his family (whom I adored) and we were each other's first "I love you". It was pretty exciting for me since most of my relationships had never gotten so serious, plus I had liked him for so long, I guess I just couldn't believe what was happening. But beyond the "honeymoon phase" we had personalities that clicked. I challenged him to come out of his comfort zone, and he kept me grounded. I'll add that our sex life was amazing too. Our friends went from being skeptical to thinking we were meant to be together. It lasted 6 months. About 2 months ago he broke up with me. It pretty much came out of nowhere. I was blindsided and heartbroken. I had been dealing with a lot of stress with school and was not handling it my best. He said that he wasn't as emotionally attached as he had been before, and that I didn't seem as happy anymore. We tried to work it out but in the moment I think we both felt defeated. We met for coffee a month later and it was nice, but now I barely speak to him (mostly because I'm trying to get over him) but no matter what I try, including dating, I just can't find anybody else I want to be with. I still feel like the breakup was irrational and we could have worked things out. But if the spark is gone, can I ever get it back? When we'd fight before we were dating and go without talking he would eventually chase after me again. He hasn't done that this time. I wish I knew what he was thinki


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  • You can get it back sometimes but only if he wants to aswell


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