Coping with being used... people toying around with your emotions for there own selfish gain How do you cope?

Is it best to say let bygones be bygones, and you move on with a lesson well learned ?

Get even?

Or tell them to fuck off, to never ever see or hear from them or anything relating to them again.

It's been so hard dealing with the fuckery.. for the life of me I can't understand why would somebody want to manipulate a person in such away it damages their self esteem, and how they deal with others due to not trusting people anymore, it's like how do you sleep at night or look at yourself in the mirror,.


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  • You have to move on

    • Oh god, I know I need to. Seriously. But, I'm so damn angry.
      I get fired up to do something on my life that I found to be awesome, but I feel like I can't do it anymore cause I don't wanna be involved with the people who's a part of the establishment. But, if I stay I have to deal with them.
      Unless I go through the process all over again, with a different group of people. That's an option. But either way dealing with these people left such a bad taste.. I have to shake this off and get back to business.

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    • You deserve this one

    • Aww thanks babe!

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  • the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. I find the best thing to do is cut off communication and then just try and move on with your life. I know it is difficult. i have been there and it hurts and it doesn't just go away. I like listening to music to connect with my feelings instead of trying to get revenge. Try listening to the song "unkiss me" by Maroon 5

    • Sounds like a perfect plan, .. I just got myself Involved with all the wrong people. I'm pist, however, I'm willing to walk away from these user's. I'm done.

  • Option 3, after attempting to tell them how you feel to see if it changes things. If you never told them they were hurting you in the first place, how can they know? Unless they're doing something that is obviously hurtful, then it's on you for letting them use you. Stand up.

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