Am I wrong for feeling deceived, be honest?

My ex fiance and I were living together in an apt. He broke up with me but we decided to live together until the lease was up. First we went through a period of not really talking, but eventually he warmed up to me and he would take me out and do nice things for me. So, although we were technically seperated we still did things together. (going out to movies, eating at restaurants) no sex though.

So one day I get on his computer and I see where he joined a website for casual sex. I was deeply hurt, because while he was doing this we were getting along and he was taking me out on my birthday. I also opened his inbox and seen where he was telling women all types of lies about me and saying how I was a bad mom. I could not believe he would do this!

I was very depressed. Do you think I am justified in being disappointed in him or since we were not a couple I should let it slide. One thing I can't let go of for sure is the lies he was telling about me regarding our son.


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  • you are not wrong for feeling that way. you should move ut and cut contact with him. you don't deserve that

    • i agree, when i confronted him he said i wasn't "supposed" to see it and that technically we are not together.

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