My Boyfriend broke up with me! what should I do?

He told me that he loves me, but he doesn't think that he can handle a serious relationship right now.... what should I do he still wants to be part of my life as best friend! I dont know what I should say!


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  • well its a bad idea to be friends with him if you really like him because that will only make things complicated for you

    • yeah i know but I dont know what else to do...

    • Well u should tell him that you can't be friends...
      After that take some time out of your schedule for yourself think over what you have been wanting to do all your life and start striving to achieve that goal

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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up, Twixxter, and that it is Good-bye forever, my love. And with an EX who still Marks his own X in your soft spot, there is usually motive in mind when he tells you this time That-----He still wants to be part of of my life as best friend.
    Many times over, even though couples split, it's many times over the guy who still wants 'Friends.' With your 'Ex,' he still wants you part of his life but instead 'Best friends' can turn into... Friends with benefits.
    Buyer beware. I am feeling this is the case with you and him. If you are without words, come down to earth and you need to tell him before Anything here, dear: Okay, we can be friends but nothing more in store, unless you want to get back together again... I'm standing my ground.
    Good luck. xx


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  • move on... there is a lot of fun out there... broke up doesn't mean the end of the world

    • yeah i think i should

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    • or you can make a trip... gooooo vacation... find a pleasure lol

    • Yeah im going to Italy tmrw it was already planned before this happened so yeah

  • Find someone else 😶? If you wanna be happy in life 💐

    • Yeah i know but there are jerks at our school and he already asked me to prom should I go with him?

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    • My pleasure 😊 cutie

  • No way you're 26 years old.


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