Ex started to text me?

I dated this girl for about a month, we broke up and she started to date another guy, this was 3 months ago, we basically stopped talking and moved on. Randomly last week she texts me and wants to "get together" I didn't respond. I know she is still dating, and living with this other guy but she texted me last night," I've been dreaming about you" what is this?


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  • It seems, with the writing on the wall and all, justaguy14, that this little lady has been keeping you in her back pocket since you both 'Broke up' and now Is------Living with this other guy.
    She is what I call a"Cheat sheet" and she can't be trusted. She will just end up with you both splitting up again and would have had all the fun, leaving you out in the cold sun.
    Text her back and tell her "In your wildest dreams" and then Block her... she is not for real.
    Good luck. xx


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  • She's trying to drag you back in man, don't fall for her trap!


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