What are my chances of getting my husband back? a year ago we separated, both started dating & living with other people but neither of us are happy?

About a year ago, this month, my husband & I separated. At first I thought it was best for us & I legitimately wanted him to find a woman that made em happy. He didn't want to but he ended up getting with my sort of friend that I met through my eventual boyfriend. Both my husband & I are currently living with out other significant other, but neither of us are happy. The 4 of us remained friends for a few months but had a falling out last October, & now as of a few weeks ago we have said our sorries & began hanging out again, as we had before. It took me a year, a new relationship, lots of tears & sleepless nights to figure out that I'm still in love with my husband.. and I'd do ANYTHING in the world to get em back. I now know neither of us are happy & neither of us even tried very hard to get an uncontested divorce. Its only $100 but for some reason it just never happened. Now I want to tell him but I don't know if I should. This month makes 3 years we've been married. And I'm absolutely sure that I'd stay this time around. If he'd take me back. He didn't previously because he was afraid of what his family would say. But if I could stand up with him to them, I would right this very moment! I know he still loves & cares for me, cause otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to start up our friendship again, would he? Anyone else ever dealt with this type of situation? please help me as I'm so unsure of how to go about this. I'm 28, he's 29, his gf is 30 & my bf is 21. Not sure if that helps but just adding it. Anyways, any advice would greatly help, thanks in advance!!


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  • My best advice is to take things slow with your husband and for both of you to build up on your relationship again. Communicate freely with one another and work out any issues. Hoped this helped.

    • Thank you so very much Lena!!! That gives me hope <3 You definitely helped me!

    • No problem. I believe in second chances and if love is pure, then there's always a way. If that makes sense.
      My grandma was a descendent of Native American, I don't remember which tribe, and she always told me to listen to what's around you and follow what your insides tell you.

    • That's awesome! thanks again!!!

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  • White people smh. Marriage is a game for them hence why whites dominate divorce rates.

    • That was just rude..

    • And besides that, I'm Native American.. Did you miss the part where I said I wanted to repair my marriage? Fail. please do not comment further, thanks.

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