How to respond from a letter my ex gf had sent from a lawyer wanting me to give up parental rights exchange for no child support?

I know this letter is a lot of bs. The lawyer just wants to make money replying to my reply just to get things rolling and stir up shit.

My my ex wants me to give up parental rights exchange for no child support. Says I haven't paid nor have I wanted any part of my girls life. It's nonscence of course and my Daugher is only 5 months old.
She thinks she will raise her with another as the pretend father and im going to just vanish off the planet ? Nope.
How do I respond. It was advise she likely paid a lawyer to send. I will respond myself demanding a reply so she realizes she has to pay to respond.
I will deny her accusations 1st. Then say I will not ever give up my rights and expect access upon reasonable notice. Then just say I live at parents the same as her and have no income but will gladly exchange financial disclosure and am willing to sit down and mediate access for now and if she wishes I am open to discussing joint custody at the same time. Let her pay to reply and think it's going to take big $$ to fight. Im not giving up


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  • Get a better lawyer.

    • Don't have a lawyer yet. Neither does she. She paid some idiot likely $50 to send a bs intimidating letter expecting I give up all parental rights? Bs I will. She wants my daughter to grow up thinking some ither guy Is her father and think I'll drop Iff the face of the planet? News flash. Won't happen. I will be in her life for next 18 years. she had better get used to it. She went off pill behind my back. Her plan get preg have a baby for herself. Not a family. She's nutts. I want to respond representing myself. Give that lawyer a reason to reply. Bs with bs. Just so she gets a taste that lawyers cost big big bucks she don't have. She's immature. And OMG brainless I guess. Thinks she just get a new baby's daddy and have zero responsibilities of joint parenting? Her mistake. Living at her moms. No job ever. Didn't finish high school. No carreor nothing. Tell me having a baby was responcible !!!

    • My daughter is still breast feeding. 4 months old. Says I haven't had access? Or wanted any? That's bs. Her mom met with me with my daughter a few times so I could visit. She wouldn't come. No way. That's because she is to is so ashamed of her behaviour. Her mom is the one who thinks she has controll. Mom is raising my daughter not my ex gf. She can't take care of herself. Not to mention a new born

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  • One has nothing to do with the other. Know the laws in your state and know your rights.


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