How do I end this friendship?

I no longer want to be friends with Her. I want to be something different. Either someone she dated or a stranger. But the way I'm starting to feel I can no longer be a buddy. Brethren and sisteren of GAG how do I end this here friendship and move into prosperity.


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  • Do you want to date her? If so ask her out. If you want to be stranger start ignoring her

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom. Ying or Yang...

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  • Sum your demands and make your offer sheet. She can either accept or reject. That's the pivotal moment that allows you to move forward from this time vampire.

    • Thank you kind sir. I collating my demands as I type

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  • Grow some balls and tell her let's GO.

    • How does one grow balls? Is there some formula? Is them some preparatory school where there are teaching on the sacred art of growing b

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    • I'm in the Navy..

    • Navy made wimps like you.

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