Please help me?

About two months ago my first love broke up with me and since then has made up lies and stuff to hurt me. I feel broken and don't know how to heal


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  • It seems with the Break up she is just as 'Broke up' as you are here, dear, and still has a sour ball in her mouth when She------Has made up lies and stuff to hurt me...
    Consider the source and lick your war wounds. Apparently, it was a War of the Roses from the start to finish and this is why she is still in the battlefield, fighting you, only doing it alone, for she... knows what will get to you and continue breaking you down.
    No contact if all possible, block her from your phone, your own life. If you allow this to continue, you will never find peace of mind but always feel you will never... heal.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand here.:)) xxoo

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  • Time will help you heal. Make sure to get out of the house and be social to keep your mind on other things. If she's making up lies about you aren't you glad you're not with her? If she's vindictive and mean out of spite it's good you're not with her anymore.


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  • Cut off all contact with her, tell mutual friends you aren't interested in anything she has to say and they need to respect that (back that up by cutting them off if necessary). Start dating new women, work on self improvement projects. Go out with friends.

    • I think this is excellent advise, I can't wait to implement into my own life

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