Girls, texting the ex, making a big deal of this?

My ex text me after 2 month of not seeing each other, and added me on facebook. We spoke on off for a week or two, but she went on holiday and i haven't heard from her since.

I text her the day before she went saying have a good holiday and stuff and she never replied. Question is really, should i text her? I'm making a big deal out of this over nothing, i've dated other girls since, they just aren't her


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  • When did she go on holiday?
    If I were on holiday, I wouldn't be thinking of anyone, let alone my ex who I just started talking to a little again.
    Chill. Don't rush into things, it's always awkward when you start speaking again after the end of a relationship, and it's usually better if it goes slow.

    • She got back a few days ago, should i text?

    • She didn't reply to your last message, so wait for her to do it. She'll probably get less busy after a few days cause she's back. If she doesn't, you can send her a casual message, but really don't be too overbearing

    • Yeah thanks. Suppose i may bump into her at the weekend, so maybe something could start then

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