Erratic post-break up guy behaviour? Regret?

My long term bf broke up with me recently and while it was initially emotional, I let him walk on very, very good terms, i.e I sugarcoated and handed him the most guilt-free exit (the last thing we sent each other was '❤️'). And yet...having not talked since, I've been told he has deleted every trace of me on his social media (including old convos), his computer/phone. He is aggressively defensive at the mention of his feelings, apparently almost biting the head off a mutual friend who asked him if he still loved me (and blocking a few other friends for similar).

I don't understand this behaviour, it feels...hostile? To top it off, he apparently starts all the conversations, asking whether friends have seen/heard from me. But convos go downhill fast. I don't get why he has to ask about me to anyone but me.

What do you all think?


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  • my guess is he's having a hard time dealing with the breakup. he's probably battling himself in his own head. he wants to know how you're doing, but then he wants to seem like a tough guy and like it doesn't bother him.
    he wants to seem like he's totally over it and he's fine but in actuality he probably isn't. and he doesn't want to go back to you. that might let you know he's feeling weak.

    thats my opinion on it.. i'm not a relationship pro though haha


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