How do I get over a tough break up?

I went through my first break up about two months ago and I'm having a very difficult time letting go. I feel like most people were getting sick of listening to me talk about it, and I don't want to continue to annoy them. I was with this boy for 14 months, and he suddenly broke up with me, and asked out a new girl the same night, who I was also friends with. I can't help but blame the whole break up on myself because I was super busy with school, sports, and other extra-curriculars, especially since things were going so well, and then all of the sudden they weren't. No matter what everyone says, I'm so confused and I cannot stop thinking about it, and I just really need advice.


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  • All you really have to do is remember that you're under 18. And many of us haven't even dated.

  • It takes time. When I went through my first break up I didn't know what to do with myself. I felt as if my whole life was pulled out from underneath me. There are a few things I used to tell myself. One was if it wasn't meant to be then its not meant to be. The other was just take it one day at a time.
    Use this breakup to make you stronger. If he comes back, as hard as it may be, say no. It will be twice as hard to get over the same person twice. Trust me I've been there. Don't shy away from having a relationship with someone else; however, don't just date another guy to get over your problems or you will put that guy in your shoes.
    It all takes time and as hard as it is to even comprehend what you are feeling right now it will be over eventually and you will be better because of it. Jumping from one break up to another relationship won't let you grow and become stronger. Basically, learn how to be yourself again before you jump into another relationship.


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