My boyfriends mother has confessed to cheating on his dad?

My boyfriend came in from work the other day , and his mum told him that she had met another person and she is splitting up with his dad. This was a complete horror, as they both seemed content with eachother all the time..His dad is heartbroken and my boyfriend along with his 2 brothers are all the same. My boyfriend is really angry with his mum, as expected but he has gone to the extremes of damaging his mums stuff and sent her some nasty messages. However I don't blame him considering she is not handling the situation well at all, it seems she is just running away from all her problems she has left behind! Every night she goes to sleep with her new boyfriend and she comes for about an hour in the day and leaves without saying goodbye. She hasn't discussed anything with his dad about what is going to happen . I think she is being completely selfish to say the least. Should I support my boyfriends anger towards his mother or should I try get him to be less angry with her (after all you do only get one mum )? Any suggestions would be great?


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  • ... After all you do only get one mum...
    With Mum's the word, I also have to agree with your soul mate that Mum--------Is being completely selfish. However, he isn't handling the situation at hand at all well here, dear, and by him throwing his own hissy fit 'Damaging his mums stuff and sent her some nasty messages,' two wrongs never make a... Right, as they say.
    Be the arbitrator and tell him to tell mum to have a long serious talk with his dad. It's not fair that she is sleeping with this guy, wants to cut out on poor dad, and he doesn't know anything, just leaving him in the dark.
    If she refuses to do it and tells him to mind his manners and business, then he should abide by her wishes and Not mind his Queen Bee's bees wax.
    Good luck. xx

  • No you shouldn't support anger and the damaging of things, don't get involved! It's not your business to encourage him, you are there as emotional support, not to validate violent and immature behaviour.


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