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This guy ended it with me. I haven't texted him since he broke it off despite the fact he said we could be friends. But I really miss him and I want to know how he is, but I know I shouldn't.. Should I text him though? And if I should then what could I text him? He texted me 3 times after we broke it off but I was pretty cold and he didn't text me back.


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  • DO NOT text him or respond to any text messages from him. The best way to heal your emotional wounds is to avoid all contact with him. It's completely understandable that you miss him, but he ended the relationship. You don't want to go back to someone who already let you know he doesn't want to be with you.

    • Thank you so much for your advice. I know you're right, so I will follow your advice!

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  • Definitely absolutely positively not

    • That's what I thought, thank you!

  • better text him if u miss him... otherwise you'll miss the chance 2 remain friends with him basically!

    • Thank you for your advice :)

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  • No, don't. Break off all contact if you don't want to prolong the heart ache.
    The sooner you disconnect cold-turkey, the sooner you'll stop missing him.
    I know you feel like maintaining contact will temporarily resolve your missing him, as well as maybe give you a shot of rekindling the romance.

    Sounds like a vicious cycle. Don't text him back; he broke it off, there would really be no point in maintaining any sort of relationship.

    • It is a vicious circle. I will take your advice and not contact.. It's just hard! But I'll do it. Thank you so much!

  • NO! Don't give him the satisfaction. He ended things with you. He doesn't deserve anything from you. The only reason he wants to stay friends is to keep you within reach in case things don't work out with the next one. Trust me, I've been there. Move forward, there's so many more fishies in that big blue sea darling!

    • I think you're right, he is just having me as a back up which hurts even more! I won't contact him then - thank you fore your advice!

    • Stay strong and BUSY! Don't allow yourself to be distracted by the thought of him. You deserve to be treated better than what he is giving you. Good luck! xx

  • How long have you been dating exactly? because anything under a year i don't consider it to be really all that entirely serious.

    • Around 6 months

    • Oh well then it wasn't that long, it takes lots more time to really know each other, the fact you've already broke up just after 6 months isn't too great, why did you break up?

  • I was in the same place and kind of still am again. I made the mistake of texting, after 2 months of depression without him i thought i should perhaps settle for a friendship. I think that was my biggest mistake. He didn't want me, whats the point? You basically just keep your wounds open. I became friends with him for 2 months after i first texted him and it only got worse. It only becomes clearer how worthless you are to him, trust me.. thad exactly how it will make you feel. Then you'll walk away feeling worse. However, what good came out of it? Knowing that i tried everything. And thats a very strong reason to text him, because when you stop talking to him next time.. you will be more sure of your decision to not remain friends. So if you feel its not over, go back and see how it goes.. most likely you will have the same story as mine..

    • I'm sorry to hear that you had to go trough that. I don't think it will be better if I contact him, I would just feel worse.. So I won't contact him. But thank you so much!

    • If sharing my story can help you see how things might go, then at least it was for a reason.. however small a reason:). I never thought it was going to end up like this, hence the pain. Move on, there are better guys.. much better ones.. you just need time to open your eyes again

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