Why do some women seek revenge after a breakup?

I've seen questions about it a lot on this sight. It seems like some girls want revenge against there exes who broke up with them. It seems illogical to me. They didn't really do anything to you, it's not like you were betrayed. This is directed at women only because I have yet to see a man post about revenge for breaking up, they just move on. It comes off as childish especially because you are not owed anything.


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  • Yeah women want revenge and guys just swear off the female populationXD I think there's like 3 stages of a breakup
    And acceptance (sometimes)

    I guess when women get to the anger stage they just want somebody to blame and the guy who broke up with them is an easy target...

    Unless he did some stupid shit then I guess he deserves it

    (Dosent apply to all women or breakups obviously)

    • Hypothetically what if the girl did some "stupid shit"? Would the girl also deserve it?

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    • Lol murder. I don't believe in revenge in romantic relationships

    • Good for you

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