My husband is mean to me sometimes and it has made me fallen out of love?

So my husband gets mad sometimes just like everyone else in the world has feelings being born with, he gets mad and yells and everytime he says he don't care about me and if I leave him and other real hurtful things even in front of my friends then says lots of mean stuff. I've asked him to stop and he does apologize everytime and say he's sorry but he does it a lot and I have warned him it's making me fall out of love. Also he doesn't touch me like couples are supposed too and he swears he isn;t cheating. The things he says and sometimes the name calling can hurt my feelings real bad and over the years I've fallin out of love. I still have some love but I've just given up on falling deep down in love because I don't want to get my heart broke. I've recently started liking other guys for a year now and no I am not a cheater I just like guys I'm human but I don't ever want another relationship ever again. I really don't know how to get him to stop.


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  • The is ALWAYS a root to the problem.
    I think your not giving us details of WHY he is like that.

    • well i didn't do anything wrong i just asked him to look at my car cause I think it got wrecked while parked and he didn't want to look at it cause he said he was too tired and I couldnt cause I was in bathroom so he started to just cope his attitude and curse and i said thats why i not in love deep down love cause you being so mean when I didn't do anything wrong to you n u scream he always says he dont care about me anymore... the other night he left me off at t store with no money no phone and didn't come back to pick me up but other times it could be me too and yea i do say stuff too but I've never called him bad names and told him I don't care if we never see each other agaiin but it doesn't matter who started the argument he shouldn't constantly call me names and say he dont care if he ever sees me again he says that over the years every single time.

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    • suspect what you want i dont care cause one day I will find someone nicer n not hav dis problem!

    • If you dont have any children, so be it.

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  • what you permit you accept. have you looked at getting therapy as a couple and individually?


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