I want to leave but I'm scared. What do I do?

My boyfriend of 2 & a half years has decided to break up or at least to have some "space" he's 27 I am 21 and we have a 6 month old .

Recently I found out he was texting a number and I asked if she was the reason why he said no . But that he liked the feeling he got when he started talking to her . And that he rather leave then to cheat on me . & That he was only using her . Then he told me he was going out w. a friend to only find out he was not at his friends house but in the town that the girl is located (I believe she's located out there) and I bugged out on him via text , but he kept ignoring my calls while being out . He told me he would come back home but it's 5 am and nothing & I obviously can't sleep , I barely eat . We still live together , still kiss , say I love you , text during the day , FaceTime during break , I don't want to lose him , I know I should give him space but it's so painful . I want to stay but I think it would be best for me to leave .

And when I say im gonna leave he starts saying why am I leaving that he doesn't want to lose us but yet he wants to be single .


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  • With him having 'Some "Space," eann012, it always appears here, dear, he wants his sweet cake and it Two With------He was only using her.
    I see the sure signs of a guy who is in this Relationship rut with you. You both have been together for nearly 3 years and even share a child together. And being he never really got a chance with your own romance to spread his wings, he has flown the coup, took another under his wing for now, and is giving you this tweety sweety bird lame duck excuse that he wants his "Space". This is so if something goes south with this little chickadee, he can fly home to you and your little one who are still in the nest, however not really in his heart... at least not right now.
    He can't be trusted anymore, from where I am sitting. If he does it once, you can be sure he willl be flying the coup again. It will probably end up to be a full circle pattern, where eventually he might take up with another chick and the both of them live under the same roof, leaving you and your child to figure out how to fend for yourself.
    You are losing sleep, weight as I'm even writing this. The madness can't continue. He needs to either poop or get off the pot or I feel the best route for you and your little loved one at hand to do would be... Best for me to leave.
    Good luck. xx

    • hey paris

    • Hi, amanwalia... just leave messages in my inbox here but please, not on my pages where I am trying to help someone else. Thank you. xx

  • If he is being deceitful about his activities, then you can't trust each other, and without trust your relationship will disintegrate. He isn't prioritizing you or valuing your feelings, respect yourself enough to leave that relationship and not stay because you feel scared to be alone.


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