Girls, recently broke up, is this the end?

My now ex gf of 3 years just broke up with me 3days ago. We are currently living in different countries but have spent 6 weeks out of the last 4 months together. Her recent trip here ended less than a month ago. We had quite a lot of arguments while she was here but nothing major until On one of the her last days here we had a big argument but spent her last days happy, she called it perfect even to her friends and family. we argued a few times since we went home and she told me Numerous times that I'm her everything and her soul mate and begged me to never leave her (ironic huh). We both have been through some bad times in our past before we met eachother. She kept telling me that I'm hers etc and then a few days ago I over reacted to her account on social media, one of our fights was about social media accounts and she said she didn't have any I didn't know about but she did. I totally over reacted and said I can't trust her anymore etc. So she broke up with me. This was a few days ago and she started saying how a guy she had a fling with is better in bed than me Etc and she's going back to her ex. I'm not perfect in this and have a lot of issues I never dealt with and questioned a lot of what she done. I agreed to go to therapy which I am currently. Is this really the end or is she really mad at me? any chance of fixing things? Appreciate your answers.


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  • Accept that it's over. She probably isn't getting what she needs from the relationship and she has become resentful, but she didn't know how to express that so she got shitty about other things and ended the realtionship.


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