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I recently got dumped by my ex boyfriend.. I am fine with it and dont feel sorry. He said its cause he started having feelings toward his ex girlfriend and said it would be best to try again later.. (Of course im not)... Of course thats not why im asking this question. I have known this guy(Mylo) since 6th grade and had a major crush on him and at the time i was dating someone so i made him my "brother" just so i can keep him close to me..Soon after i dumped my boyfriend cause i thought he was cheating. Mylo is a year older than me so when i was in 8th grade he was a freshman. I moved schools my freshman year and lost contact with him for like 6 months but his best friend lives down the street from my dad so i saw him from time to time down there.. I am a freshman this year and recently got in contact with him. My feelings are growing and about a week ago we confessed we liked EACH OTHER when we were in 6th grade. We bonded a lot and I dont know how he feels about me... Care to help me out? I dont really wanna ask him if he still has feelings for me...


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  • If he talked about liking you in 6th grade I know you don't want this advice but the only way to find out for sure is to ask how he feels about you.

    • I am not a shy person but when it comes to my feelings i shut down and lock them up cause i have been hurt in the past.. I guess what i am saying is i am a person who is shy when it comes to things like this... Am i really just dont know how to ask him or what his reaction will be..

    • Im scared he will reject me..

    • We are all a bit like that but if you don't say anything you will only tie yourself in knots which will only make you feel worse.

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