Girls, just wondering why she was excited. My ex and I work together she has a bf now but we just started to speak to each other after 4 months?


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  • Whatever makes you think she's excited? Details will prevent guessing = frustrating when you shoot each effort down... what's in this for us?

    Excited b/c:
    1. her BF is so much better a fit/joy for/to her, reminded of this daily when she compares you
    2. she misses you greatly as a friend & coworker but only now feels safe (due to BF) from you trying to get closer & sexual again with her
    3. her long time dream was to have you as coworker/friend, then go home to someone different for intimacy
    4. whatever the problem preventing 4 months' silence is now behind... her

    • it was a bad break up. So one of our mutual friends/co worker decided to go up to my ex and tell her that I wanted her back with out me telling her to do it anyway the coworker told me she just wanted to see how she'll react. So when she told my ex my ex just began saying" no no no he didn't say" that smiling then she came to me asking if I said it like "did you really say that". Then she was like "why though i thought i drove you crazy?". So my question is if my ex is apparently happy with her new bf why would she be excited if I wanted her back?

    • Let's parse that last assumption to be read
      "excited to learn that I'm not as bad as I thought... I thought I drove you crazy"
      Now I can go forward with much more confidence in developing a relationship with new BF
      and even re-gained a friend in you
      + my status at work has been blessed by you sharing this with coworker (s)

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