He broke up with me after 10 years together and now moved on?

So we were together for 10 years & have 2 kids. We had issues but always got over it. In Nov. He started saying that he wasn't happy & he was so stressed out (work,money,school loans etc.) So then one day he said that he was leaving so he did on Nov 2014. After he left of course I wanted him back. We were seeing each other having sex etc. So then in Feb . He got into a car accident that changed everything. He started acting all depressed & didn't want to talk to me. He told me that i should move on & that he didn't love me anymore. I was so heartbroken. So i decided to give him space & leave him alone. So now i found out by him that he started talking to someone already. How do guys move on so quick.? This sucks!


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  • Well you don't really give us much back-history to go off of, but I suspect "it's" been going on for longer than you expected. In other words, I wouldn't consider the date of when you broke up as the same as the date for when he was "allowed" to start getting over you.

    He's been "getting over you" for some time now, even though it may seem so sudden.


    • Well before we were really good happy and everything. But i know my jealousy & nagging him obviously annoyed him. Before i didn't see it now i do. But yes im sure he was seeing her since before.

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  • I guess it depends on the situation beforehand. I left an abusive relationship after 10 years, and started dating again 2 months after I had moved out on my own. I didn't need time to grieve my relationship because, in my mind, I had been over it for well over two years. I'm not saying that's what happened with you two, but if he'd been struggling with the idea of leaving for a while, that could explain why he's moving on already. In his mind it's been over for longer than when he actually broke the news to you.

    • It just sucks that he stuck around leading me on. But hey things happen for a reason right.

    • This. Man or woman if you move on that quickly someone else was involved. Do not feel the fool. Some people just have no regard for other peoples emotions. A monkey does not let go of a branch if it does not have a firm grip on another.

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  • good for him finally some freedom for him i am proud and glad for him... you are obviously no good for him and if you ever meet him please wish him luck from me


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  • Wish him well and move on


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