How should I approach the situation?

Like i mentioned earlier in my other posts about me and my ex breaking up, people told me to apologize. Just to sum up everything basically i got on my ex's snapchat account. Stupid mistake ik but he wasn't snapchatting me back and i was getting pissed yet upset bc when i opened it he was talking to that girl that supposively has a boyfriend and the girl that he always told me that he always flirted, talked, called, hugged, and everything. i opened one of her snapchats to him and it was something and ended with baby and then thats where i panicked and then there's another one she sent with kissy faces.... now apparenntly he says she sent it to him on accident and meant to send it to her bf? I didn't believe it but when i confronted her it all made sense in a way because she was clueless. But i did confront her i asked her. I was tired of being lied to. he said he didn't break up with me for another girl and when i opened those... basically that proved that he was messing with another girl or so i thought "liked" another one. anyways he got mad and cussed me out. but i regret what i did, but how is it any different from him reading all my messages as well? he took my phone and read messages between me n other people and also looked at my snapchats and dm on instagram and to top it off he was reading the messages between me n that girl while i was confronting her.? so why is he mad at me for just confronting the girl and reading 2 snapchats where he can do everything else? I was told to apologize and i feel like i should just to be the bigger person, but I don't know how to approach him? I wouldn't know what to say? we haven't talked since last Sunday. should i wait a month? or go ahead and apologize. How should i approach this maturely.


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  • So your bf went through your phone?

    • yea he would always go through my phone and when i asked to look at his he never wanna let me and when we broke up he still looked at it bc he was "bored"?

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    • Exactly but he acts like he does nothing wrong as well. It's okay for him to do all that but goes all world war 3 on me when i look at 2 snapchats and confront the girl? Turned out he was the one lying too.

    • Just ignore him. Change your password. He's your ex - has no right to go through your stuff!

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