I met my ex twice and my bf found out , he is so hurt now :'( ?

i have hurt him and left him before and i apologized and wanted to get back to him because i love him but he was still sad and said he needs time to think , at this time i got frustrated and talked and went out with my ex bf , my boyfriend called me that day and i didn't pick up because i was with my ex and i was afraid he will find out, and then i went out again with my ex , all that was only in 4 days while my sweet and honest boyfriend was trying to forgive me for the hurt i have already caused him. He found out all that , at first i lied a lot to cover it up,but he didn't believe me and asked to see our messages and conversations in order to believe me, but of course i couldn't show him anything :'(. which hurt him even more,and made him completley confused and hurt ,since then he has been brutally sad, i called him a lot ,and i apologized, he pushed himself to meet me, he tried to forget , but all the time he kept asking me questions and couldnt be ok at all , he says he can't trust me again, and that he was already trying to push himself to forgive me for leaving him before , and now this happened so he is really suffereing , i was so sad that i hurt him, i really love him and wanted to make everything up for him but he couldnt,he found it so hard to meet me ,it has been three weeks now since he found out, do i give him more time ? or what should i do , he is si hurt but still will call me from time to time but then he feels he can't and stop again . He is so loyal, sweet and kind , he definitely didn't deserve all that hurt


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  • BASICALLY you are a lying bitch... so you don't deserve To be forgiven... oh and i also forget to say that you are a stuck up bitch and not just and lying bitch...

    And if you really loved him then you wouldn't go and meet your ex and lie about it to your bf...

    • we weren't back together yet :'( , said he needed time to think

    • And if i was in his place... i would never take you back the second time... he is an idiot and a pussy if he takes you back this time...
      I, seriously hope that he dumps your ass... and drops you like its hot cause you are not worth it at all...

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  • If you love your boyfriend you shouldn't have the need to lie to him. All you had to do was tell him the truth because thats what made him hurt. He was trying his hardest to apologize and everything for what you did to him before and you lied to him and made it worse. Yea i mean it looks wrong to go out with ur ex bf and all and it may make him upset, but if u were frustrated at the time and needed to talk things out, then your bf should understand that. As long as there wasn't nun else going on between u n ur ex. But never lie to your bf to cover up things. It will make you look like a cheater and that u can't be trusted. Just apologize and get everything cleared up between u too. Explain everything that happened and I'm pretty sure you and him will be back happy again.

    • i could have talked to others but i wanted to have fun at the time and don't wast the vacation :'( , although i have really hurt him before and was basically trying to get him back , i said i was being irresponsible , but for three weeks he kept asking if i still had feelings for my ex, and if there was something between us , because i couldn't show him me and my ex's messages because as i said i lied a lot and if he had seen them he would never forgive me , and further more , he said i told this ex that we can't talk anymore , but i didn't , i want to keep our friendship. but i love my boyfriend a lot more , but now , yes i am still lying about that.

    • He is a little jealous, hurt, and upset. He keeps asking u bc out of all people or friends u went to ur ex so of course he thinks that. You don't always have to show texts. He doesn't have the right to look at your phone. If you don't want him looking at ur phone then don't let him. He probably would've done the same if it were him instead of you. But never lie to him. Just not showing him your phone and lying to him already made it bad. And let him know that. let him know that you love him and its all a misunderstanding. you appreciate that he cares and that you can see that. this was just something you wasn't really thinking clearly of and everything.

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  • I don't understand why you would go and meet ur ex? really?
    Even chatting with ex is not a good idea for ur current relationship, most people refrain from it and just try to forget.
    Poor guy, letme tell you one thing that he is around you know, the day its enough for this soul to see its better to move on, u will regret it very bad. And no body will seem to compare with him.

    No you don;t need to give him time, he just suffers in all that time.
    You just need to reach out to him, just love him so much (i mean express) .
    Talk with him, the more you try to put effort to make him happy, easier and quickly he ll be fine. He ll ask u questions, and u have to answer them patiently while convincing him that how much u love him and ur ex means nothing to you ( It was really a shit move by u, i wonder y u went to meet him?).
    the more he ll talk and u talk back lovingly, he ll alright preety soon, maybe then and there.
    just make effort to talk, and dont just think that time will heal!
    It will heal but drive u apart slowly and slowly.
    also promise him something like u wouldn't meet him again, u don't have any business with him anyway.
    Learn to self police ur self , relationship is a constant effort throughout.
    If ur not up for it, leave him, he deserves better.

  • you don't love him, you only want to use him; I guess he makes you feel good/important/whatever... and that's it... I really hope he is not stupid enough to forgive you... you lied to him twice (probably more), and you expect that he will trust you again? I wouldn't that's for sure...

  • Hopefully he leaves you and finds a better girl.


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  • Just leave him alone, you done enough damage. Allow him to get over you as you got over him. It isn't fair when you know you are the cause of his pain to continue acting on your terms, at some point consider him!. Give him space. Admit you are wrong own up to it, don't justify it, that makes things worse. Let him be for now.


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