Sending your ex a letter a bad idea?

We had to end it. It was her choosing her college funds and parents over me. It got messy but I know she really did love me and broke her apart to choose. We exhuasted every effort to try and make it work. She even asked For me back the day after she ended it. It got messy really angry mixed emotions. I never really communicated my feelings to her in result she thought I never loved her she felt completley used and weak. I don't blame her. I asked for her backbshe said she can't nOw its too late. Anyways I figured I got nothing to lose.. in wrote her a 10 page letter explaining my actions and what I was thinking and what went wrong. Why I acted the way I did. Of course added a little sap. Dropped it off with some roses at her work. This was pobabaly the first nice gesture I've ever done for her besides her bday gift. she wrote back just confirming that we are no contact she can't move on unless she does cut contact. Says hopefully we can try this again wheb I move out and we have our shit together. Was 3 pages.. seemed genuine.

This girl was the type to make fun of sappy sensitive guys in the start but she complained I had no compassion and she felt useless around me. I figured she just put up a tough chick exterior.
This was the day after our last argument . I didn't anything in I wanted to say was too tongue tied. it looked like I furthermore didn't care. So that's the main reason I wrote it.


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  • If u communicate better that way. Then go for it. Already it'll give her time to think with no interruptions. I guess a chance to reflect. Hope you got it off your chest and hope she forgives and forgets. And both parties can move forward in both you new endeavors. Good luck


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  • huh a letter? handwritten letter u mean? that'swhat i find weird mostly basically!

    • What? Lmao that made absolutely no sense. Yes a hand written letter

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  • Why would you want to do that?

    • Did u read the question?

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    • What kind of wrong impression? I just explained every thing thatwent wrong why I acted the way I did.

    • Well I'd write a letter to a guy if I liked him. It shows there's time and effort put into it. She might think u still like her

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  • Words fly with the wind, letters live on and can resurface at bad moments.


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