Will me n my ex have a chance possibly?

I want to get back with my ex more than ever i love him. We were serious. We met each other families and we always hanged out with each other and our friends. We shared a lot of memories. Invited him for Christmas, birthday, anything. We were always together. Inseparable. He broke up with me bc he didn't love me or like me the way he used too. I was hurt. Everything between us was gone he took it from me and we had been going out for 1 year and 7 months. He told me he loved me everyday called me beautiful and everything. I miss him and not a day goes by without me thinking of him, but now he's just think that he can go to other girls and flirt and everything n throw it in my face. It hurts. I don't really need to know but he decides to tell me. We've kinda argued a lot when we broke up and everything I tried not too but he made me. A week ago he told me he didn't wanna talk to me or see me ever again. It's hard. I didn't even do nothing but confronted a girl and I got the truth. Do you think we will ever get back together? i doubt he loves me or cares for me anymore nor likes me. What do you guys think? Plus he has blocked me from everything n i rlly feel terrible n guilty now. N it won't go awayyy from my head!


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  • face the truth... you are already his past
    life should go on.. maybe you will find someone better than him

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    • Thankssss and happy easter!

    • yeaaa and happy Easter for you too

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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in your own soft spot, geminigirl101, there is motive in your mind that you may be wanting to try and get him back, However--------He's just think that he can go to other girls and flirt and everything n throw it in my face.
    Being you both have had some long history, the War of the Roses may not be over. Right now it seems to have gone down a beaten path of him telling you things that seem Firm on his own end and 'Has blocked me from everything...'
    Give him time and he may come around. You may find he is Missing the Kissing and the times you both shared. Right now, he is having some fun spreading his wings.
    However, many times over, with Coming around, he may have his own 'Motives in mind' and that is a Friends with benefits factor. This means no strings attached, no being hooked at the hip nor being two birds of a feather.
    For now, lick your own war wounds and spend some time alone doing some soul searching. You need to think of You now, focus on you, and if the time should come he contacts you with a smile and his own style, buyer beware, this is most likely what he wants and you would not have to Confront Anyone because... I See the truth and you know what it is.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you. I wasn't going to talk to him or confront him again bc I don't wanna ruin it again. I want to at least have that small chance of hopefully getting back together bc deep down ik how he truly feels and ik he still loves me. He's not very good at expressing it and it's his first breakup as well. He even said he don't know how to act and of course I've told him the way he is acting is immature and that he has to learn from something. I mean he's not doing the friends with benefits trust me ik he's not. All he's doing is flirting. Which is confusing as well.

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    • Oh, so welcome.:)) xx

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  • You're 16. And if he blocked you he doesn't want anything to do with you, so you have no chance.. plus there will be other guys/men I know you can't think that way at this moment because I know how you feel when I was your age!

    • I've been told multiple things. if I give him time then he'll come back n then I've been told That he could never not love me bc yes I was his first true serious gf and I believe he did love me. My friends tell me. He talks about me apparently and im trying to move on but it's just not kicking in right now for me. I have that hope from other people that we would get back together so I don't wanna move on yet. It'll take time for me.

  • Just move on, force it out of your head. He's not coming back at least right now

    • I don't think he will ever come back. He did say he wanted me in his life before.

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    • Yea he's changed. I don't know what made him change but he's not the same

    • Is it safe to say he woke up to something, you can't put all the issues of the relationship on him. What about you is there anything you can think of other than confronting the girl that could of transpired

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