How do I act when my crush is flirting with another girl and your heart is broken constantly?

It's 8-9 hours a day and my heart is constantly in pain witnessing it. Help me! :'(


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  • Do you have to be around him?

    • Yes, no choice :'( We work together. It's so painful that I even think about quitting the job (although it's silly)

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    • What changed?
      Maybe he likes you. And you stopped giving him attention. Now he wants you to be jealous

    • I wish he does :'( I started avoiding him when he started flirting with her so heavily... he noticed I don't join the usual hang outs anymore... somehow he knows I'm avoiding him (which is strange because it's a big group and 1 less person doesn't make difference). 2 months ago was his birthday and the girl organized it. I was at the party but I avoided cake cutting as I can't bare to watch them flirting more with birthday kiss and stuff. Since then, he acts a lot coldly towards me.

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  • Ask him out, or move on. He may not even know you like him

    • Thanks a lot for your comment.

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  • Perhaps it is time to get in the Middle without looking like The------Monkey in the middle. You have this 'Crush' on your Crush and when you see he is 'Flirting with another girl and your heart is broken constantly,' perhaps if you begin your own beguine with this heart throb, you can get more bees without even the vinegar but by using your Honey here, dear, and start with sweetness of and sugar and everything nice with your spice.
    He may or may not know you are alive but with developing a friendship, you won't know until you try, my little fly, so don't... cry.
    Good luck. xx

  • you should just forget about dating guys (or girls) and just take a break! do something that makes you happy: get a haircut, go shopping, hang out with your best friends, etc . and after a while if you still have feelings for him/her, then talk them about it. if they aren't interested, move on! he's not the right one; you will find someone better. hope it works out love ! ;D

    • Thank you so much for your comment. So kind of you!

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