Harsh or not? 3 dates and brushed off by text?

I guess it's still better than doing the ghost


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  • It's not "harsh" for someone to be real and honest. She just didn't feel it and that happens too. It's not a reflection of you or anything you did wrong. It's just a sign that you two are not compatible and not meant to be. She made it a whole lot easier by just letting you know and not stringing you along. Be thankful for that and now focus on yourself for a while. Don't let this set you back or make you think you are not good enough. She just wasn't meant for you and it's only a sign that you are one step closer to finding the right one.

    • Thanks for the advice, but I wasn't relating the question to my own experiences. Was purely looking for a yes or no

    • Okay awesome... well my answer is no

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  • not harsh but it still sucks...

    • A little cowardly , true

    • women are cowards but they get away with it because they are women. but its better than her not letting you know at all that kind of stuff really pisses me off lol

    • Even when it's a bs excuse, closure beats disappearance

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  • It's better to be blunt than to lead someone on and prolong the hurt. Harsh, maybe, but necessary yes.

    • Really? Not even a phone call?

    • Meh, does it really change anything? No. It was only 3 dates.

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