He broke up with me, tried to do no contact, and suddenly texted me again a few days later?

So the reason for breakup is nothing major - purely because he doesn't wanna do the distance.

He wrote:
"Hey, hope you're doing ok. Just wanted to say this isn't easy for me. I know that doesn't change much but hopefully it makes it a little easier. Just thought I'd let you know cuz I kinda just disappeared before. Anyway, again, hope you're ok."

And I've never received anything from him, ever, again.

I'm confused. He's the one who didn't wanna stay together, and now this? I don't get it.


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  • His conscience is getting the better of him. His break up method was juvenile and it's bothering him. Breaking up by text is a losers way out. They lack the spine to say good bye to the others face

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    • It's kinda getting depressing to me sometimes, although quite fortunately this hasn't affected me at work. But what it does - it does kill my beliefs for love and romance.

    • As young as you are you shouldn't be ready to throw in the towel yet. It will happen when you least expect it

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  • It seems like he found someone else but I think when he tried to get closer she rejected him...


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