Help with break up?

Hi there!
my gf and i broke up 3weeks ago, she said that because her love for me is drifting away slowly as each day passes by, a week before she told me has made up her mind that she can't handle it anymore though she prioritizes friends more than me and thats okay because all i do ask for is our time whenever she has free time. well i've done lots of efforts for her and waited some months before she accepted/answered me as her BF, we were happy and really enjoyed she showed me her love and i really do believe that its true, we only had a 4 month relationship (really short huh?) before we broke up she said she still loves me but the love is going away slowly, she still cares for me though but she broke up with me coz she said she knew that her love will really go away. Even if i tried to make her happy before we broke up i didn't work, she wasn't happy with me. she said whatever i say and do she still won't come back to me but she still loves me and its disappearing (again with what she said) but as i read in some of the article she needs some space and time i think? for how long? a 21 or 30 day NC? i think she will miss me but if not?
just today a friend told me that she saw her laughing with friends and it hurts me. what to do?
or like i mean i do see her happy even without me guys


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  • Don't contact her, she's depending on the fact that your contacting her at the moment which means she's in power... You take that away and she'll wonder why.
    It does seem like she is playing with you... But if the relationship was good and happy, she will regret it.

    • the relationship was good except for the fact that i became strict and is asking time from her because she doesn't always give me her time , whenever we were supposed to meet some important things comes up. also she does prioritize friends more

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  • Dude this girl is. playing you, kick her ass and dump her, forget about her, you deserve better than this player, or I'm wrong?


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