I had history of cheating, could it be the reason why my current girlfriend thinks I cheated on her?

I had a history of cheating but not on my current girlfirend, Whith an ex who was my girlfriend for 3 years and then she left me. After her I wan't in relationship until my current but was dating multiple girls (some says its cheating too).
She knows all my background and history and I promised her I will be loyal to her. Now something happened between us me and her younger sister who has history with taken guys saw eachother behind her back for two or three times but nothing happened just casual going out and one of them was with aa group of girls and guys.
Also we send some texts (were rude and adult jokes) and sext (not sure if it was sexting or not because pics were half naked and I saw her sister in bikini before as she saw me in swimshort )
Now my girlfriend think I cheated on her and called me once a cheater always a cheater and wants to break up with me.
Is it because of my history?How to prove she's wrong and my history has nothing to do with her and her sister?


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  • You didn't cheat on her YET but i would bet my money that you will in the future sooner or later.


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  • Can I ask how did she find out and what did u say to her to defend yourself? Do u honestly believe that’s not cheating?

  • Once a cheater always a cheater that's how we think.

  • Sexting, flirting with her sister. And you say something happened?

    Yeah, I count those as cheating. Hope she dumps you. You are naïve if you think you haven't done anything wrong

  • sounds like cheating to me too sneaking behind her back and sexting her own sister saying inappropriate things to her and sending pics.

    • I can accept that I did some wrong things but not cheating. And she is leaving me for no good reason.

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    • It's a very low cheating compared to sexual touching or anything beyond that.

    • @MrDetermined all cheating is unforgivable, noself respecting partner is going to sit there and say oh well it was only very low cheating so i guess thats ok...

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