How do I get back with a guy I didn't date, but I broke up with? (Sorry for long details)?

So my friend jeramiah moved from Tennessee to texas and started going to go my school but befor he got her we friended me on facebook and we started talking, he lives next to one of my best friends so they new eachother and over the summer that he moved here they made out, and that made me awkward when i tried to ask her avout it, but anyway school started and we kept talking but then be met shea and she asked him on a date immediately, they then went on a second date, and she called him her boyfriend but he told me they weren't dating but then she went off on me when he told her about me, so stopped talking to him, 3 months later they broke up, i saw him siting on the steps at school almost crying. So i went a sat by him and ask what was wrong he said "my dog died and shea didn't care so i broke up with her" so i said "so why are you.crying" "my dog died dumbass i just told you" but he was laughing and pushed me playfully, so we started talking again, and in a few days we started flirting again, and in about 2 weeks he asked me on a date, we went to the movies and we did kiss a little.. Or a lot, and then about a week later he texted me "i dont think we should coutinue what were doing" and explain there was another girl name jade he liked so we stopped talking again, then about 2 months later me and some friends went to taco bell and we saw jeramiah there and he was just sitting there and the girl who lives next to him called him over and then they all left leaving us alone so it was kinda awkward at first but then we started talkinv then he had to go but he told me to snapchat him and again we later started flirting then he ask for nudes and I was stupid sent them and we got into a fight and he told the girl that lives next to him i sent and sho showed her them and told so i told him to "stay away from me leave me alone just exit from my life" etc and i miss him and he tried to talk to me the other day but i kinda ignored him. How do i get him back or should i not


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