Does my ex want me back?

I love my ex girlfriend. It has been 8 or 9 months that we have been broken up. We were not working out at the time and a break up was understandable, but for months she would text me and call me crying and wanting me back and I said no. I wanted her back but in my mind it seemed better for us. After about 6 months of that she texted me sounding like she got over me and thanking me for all the good and bad times and it just so happened to be the time I was ready to try again with her. We had been apart for some time and maybe things had changed. We started talking again and we saw each other once but then she started second guessing everything then broke us off. I was devastated, giving her what she wanted for months then she doesn't take it. But I had to understand. Anyways, she still texts me from time to time saying she misses me or she was thinking about me and hopes i'm doing well. Is that a sign? I text back but it's an effortless text because I feel like it is pointless even though I would do anything for this girl if she gave me one more chance. She completely shut me down but still wants to check up on me and wants me to know that she is thinking about me. I don't know what to do, if I should just completely try to move on. I honestly have this connection with this girl, I know her better than anyone and I can't picture myself with anyone other than her.


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  • Sounds like she has moved on and she's just being nice by checking up on you. I did that with my ex too, but I was completely over him. He was a great guy, so I still had his best interest in mind and I would never wish any harm on him. I think she's doing the same. I would just move on.

  • Maybe she did move on rightfully so, all that begging she was doing to get you back originally.. I think she's bring nice, when you cross her mind she calls nothing more than being friendly it seems. You should try to completely move on, especially if you asked for a second chance and she said no. I don't doubt that there's a connection, I believe in that stuff, but if it wasn't met for this time then it's best you continue to move forward, I'm sure there's people in ur life dying to be with you. Good luck


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