What more does this guy wants from me? Sorry for the long story, I tried to sum up 3 years in a short story, however please help?

Long story short, I went against my better judgement and told this guy I worked with I liked him. Now at the time I wasn't ready for no relationship i just wanted something a bit more casual and then see where things go. OK, so this guy and I were cool. he end up not feeling the same, although we flirted like crazy always !!! We kept in constant contact and were kind to each other etc...I guess it was in my head and he wasn't attracted. I'm assuming. Long story short.. I pulled back kind of cause I knew I wanted more but I didn't want to impose so I kept a healthy distance, anyway we remained cool, but he ended up going after one of my friends I bought to the job, and I know she's more his style so it was only a matter of time I figured, in all this I still kept a reasonable head remained friends and worked well with him. Although it was killing me to find this out but I'm like hey... I'm not his type he's entitled. But then he does things to make me believe he wanted me, again flirting making wild gestures nothing's to sexual but just gesture to make me think he wants me. Come to find out, I was just an easy target for when him and his friends got board. I'm thinking he thought of me as sexy and blah blah blah, actually it was the opposite. I found out he thinks I'm fat, and unattractive, just physically impossible for him to be with me. I never told him I knew he felt this way about me I thought we were friends. So instead of confrontation I pulled away for good..now we don't speak or anything, he still texts me saying he misses my friendship. I was nothing but nice to him.
If he th


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  • I'm sorry this happen to u. He's a jerk. I think he might like u but afraid to talk to u due to his friends. But just continue to avoid him for a while. If he really mean u good he will man up an come forward. All the best. NB. I'm not good at advice but I hope this help.

    • It was just fine thank you

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