Is my ex done? Are all chances lost?

We had a remarkable relationship for a year and he ended it in December when we went into long distance. He was my first boyfriend and kiss at 22 and I had been waiting for that kind of connection.

mistakes I think I made:
-opening up to him whenever I struggled with the break up. I did that a total of 3 times in 3-4 months cause we were still very much close

- I moved an hour and a half away in the past month and told him I'd visit and he was thrilled but I started giving him
The cold shoulder and he chased me for a few days then stopped then I called again to schedule the meeting n then I cancelled again.

now today I said I wanna see him tomorrow and he told me he's going back to campus and he'd be busy before departure time.

is all lost for good?


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  • errr how r we supposed 2 know without description basically? :-P


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  • What's wrong with opening up? You are just being honest.

    No, just explain why you cancelled and stop cancelling on him. If you set a date, try to keep it. Ask him if you guys can keep talking while he is on campus.

    • I figure if he let me go I must not have meant much to him n me opening up made me look needy and therefore less desirable?

    • You could still mean something to him. You never said why you guys broke up. I legit think he still cares. Also no, needy is you texting him all day and saying "I love you" all day. Showing little bits of weakness is not bad.

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