Guys, is my ex just stringing me along?

It started at the end of senior year, we decided to break it off because he was going away to college and I was staying home and we both decided to focus on school. When he went away, I met someone and I started to get to go on dates with the new guy and get to know him better. I tried to talk to my ex about it but he was always so busy so I felt lonely and decided to enter a relationship with the new guy. As soon as my ex found out he dropped out of school and decided to come home to fix what happened between me and him and attend a school closer by.
I was so pissed because I felt like I was alone so any time he wanted to talk about us and going back out, i would shut him up and change the subject. I felt confused and didn't know what to do. Eventually after a couple of months of dating the next guy, I started cheating with my ex and rekindling everything. Until I ended it with the new guy, and decided on focusing on what made me happy, my ex.
Months went by, and I decided to quit because I just wanted to get away from all that drama and he quit right after me!!!! Without even saying anything, he said " You got me this job and we promised each other we'd leave at the same time" so it made me think, maybe he still likes me?
Its been a 4 months now and he's not talking to anyone. He asks to hangout with me every single day and go places. My problem is every time I mentioned if he still likes me he tells me no. He even said "I just don't have the same feelings anymore and I don't want to be in a relationship where my head and heart aren't in it". It crushed me but then he gives me all these mixed signals. We still have sex occasionally and he'll kiss me, hug me, try to cuddle and he's doing everything we'd do when we went out. But He's hot and cold ALL THE TIME!!!! The other day he was all lovey dovey and then when I got home from work he was very standoff'ish . Like I could tell something was bothering him. I'm just tired of waiting around
Just to clarify.. I cheated on the new guy with my ex.


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  • I have no idea, but it does sound like you made a mistake going back to him, especially cheating.

    It's possible he only wanted you when you were out of reach. Now you are close he's lost interest? I guess some people are like that.

    • Well it was the new guy I cheated on for my ex (the guy I want now). He never cheated. It's just hard because I've been fixing things but I can't wait for something that will never happen.

    • I know, that's why I said maybe he only likes you when you were unattainable, eg when you were with the new guy.

    • You need to find out from him if you are wasting your time.

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