FOR GUYS: Help, Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

I don't know if I am being a crazy girlfriend or not, but I feel like shit. What I am trying to say is my boyfriend is super flirty with me when I am at the party, but when I am not there.. I suspect he is super flirty with other girls. I don't like that, especially the though of him being unconscious and can't control what he is doing wrong (that's how people end up having sex with others). I have ignored him all day, cause I don't know how to tell him that it makes me feel uncomfortable, angry and unsure about our relationship... Help? And sometimes I see him add those girls on facebook... If he is cheating on me then I want out of the relationship asap..


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  • I never let people use alcohol to be an excuse for their actions. They know what alcohol can do to them and they made the CONSCIOUS decision to drink when around other people knowing the possible things that could happen by doing it. People who say "I didn't mean to cheat I was drunk." I respond back "Were you drunk and wasted when you made the decision to drink when you were around those people?"

    Why are you suspicious he's super flirty with other girls. Have you seen it or has someone told you that. If I'm in a relationship with a girl I'd be incredibly flirtatious with them all the time but if I was around other girls I'd only be friendly and polite at the most.

    • I have seen him being a bit flirty yes. He even tells me how big of a flirt he is. He hugs "cuddles" girls, sit very close to these girls while talking to them, hands around them while sitting with them.. these are just some thing I have seen myself. I am not always with him at parties, the only thing I know is him adding them on facebook the next day... Makes me feel so unsure, even if he says he would never cheat.. I don't fully believe that.

    • Have you voiced your concerns to him about that. Like letting him know you don't feel special in his eyes by him doing that with every girl that's in his vicinity. No one is actually special but if you're in a relationship that person is special specifically to you. Again have a talk with him about it and let him know you feel really uncomfortable. If he brushes off your concerns it might be time to move on.

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