Why aren't there better revenge suggestions on the web?

My situation is extreme. A guy used me for over a year. Manipulated, lied, etc. I left my family, left my home, moved across several states, lost money, had a miscarriage, etc. He was with another woman and leading me on, too. He lied to both of us, and also told her that I took advantage of him. Which is funny since I'm the one who lost most of the things I had. I'm a bit older, so I'm still baffled that he was able to pull it off for so long because I've never been strung along this badly. He's already had the satisfaction of seeing me hurt myself for him, but now we aren't talking, but I'm still angry and want to see him get more of what he deserves. I'm moving on slowly, but still thinking that exposing him in some way and getting revenge will help me. I really thought that there would be some creative ideas for this online since you can get so many crazy instructions for everything else online. (I don't want violent suggestions; I want cunning, subtle ones. Where can I find this instead of all this "just move on" nonsense?)


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  • "Where can I find this instead of all this "just move on" nonsense?"

    The relationship was a disaster and there's a lot of chaos on both sides. Rather than continue the chaos, why don't just "move on."

    Because you don't want to? Make a mistake once = ok.. Make it twice = shame on you. Now continuing to make that mistake over and over as you will with this "revenge" plan? that's just retarded.

    Move on dude... Work on yourself and focus on why you allowed yourself to continue this bad relationship and continue to be apart of it? The signs were there, your friends / family told you so and you choose to ignore them.


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  • Eh, just move on its not worth your time


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