Should I take her back?

Here is the situation, i use to date this girl 6 months ago, and we broke up because she cheating on me.
What happened was that i was in love with her for about a year before we started going out, the reason why it took so long was because she was already with another guy who is just better then me in terms of looks, and income. Then all of a sudden they broke up. I managed to get the nerve to finally ask her out on a date, and she actually said yes. When we were going out i treated her really good, i opened doors for her, i payed for everything, and i always considered what she wanted over what i wanted. I told her i loved her a few times but she never said it back to me. Within about two months i stoped getting text messages, or calls from her. It turns out she went back with her ex boyfriend and never bothered to tell me. When i confronted her she just said that i was not good enough for her, and that i was no fun, and terrible at sex. (i was a virgin before i went with her.) After this whole event i felt that shit, i felt that what she said was true that i was just not good enough. And i felt like i could never fall in love with another woman again because i felt like i could never trust another woman again.
Then a few days ago i ran into her at the mall. At first we talked to each other without addressing what happened. But when i asked how she's been latly she started telling me about how she broke up with her boyfriend because he was an ass hole who only cared about sex. Then she told me that she was so sorry about what happened between us and that she was wrong to say i was not good enough for her. She said she felt horrible ever since saying that. She said i was the only guy who ever treated her well, or who said i love you. She said she would like another change at a relationship, but would understand if i could not forgive her. I told her i would think about it.
Should i take her back.
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I huged her and told her i forgived her mostly to help her forgive herself.
But i honestly don't have the same feeling for her that i did before, i no longer love her.


Most Helpful Girl

  • No one deserves this kind of treatment. If you go back to her you are not only showing her you are willing to put up with crap but also you are guided by your heart, not your head, which is not respectable trait if your relationship was as brief as you make it sound. But most importantly you should not go back to this kind of situation for YOU. don't let yourself down, and don't settle for someone who has the nerve to treat you badly. I can already see she did a number on your ego. Have more self confidence. When it's right, it's EASY! :)

    • Okay, i think your right.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dont be a bitch bro what happened to your fucking pride and dignity?
    She will use for support and then fuck another dude in your bed AGAIN!!!
    i have no sympathy for guys like you

    i would have laughed at her when she began spilling her emotions and told her to go fuck herself

    • She was genuinely sorry. She was crying and really apologetic. I'm not saying this will make me go back with her. I'm just saying she genuinely feels bad about what happened.

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    • Yeah your right, i was mostly sure i didn't want to go back with her. After seeing the results of the poll on here and reading the comments i have made my decision.

    • It sucks, bro sorry i got very aggressive in my writing... i am going through the same shit...
      Good luck man, sorry you had to encounter that evil girl...
      remember the only thing that has changed is her circumstances, not her!
      When she gets more comfortable and feels secure and hot, she will just cheat on the next guy and the next guy...

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What Girls Said 3

  • No. She sounds too opportunistic. In a bad way. That kind of person does not deserve a second chance as she didn't appreciate you. You're too nice for her!

  • Hell no... If only I could find a fish like you.

  • Yes I think you should


What Guys Said 1

  • No way man. The girl sounds major trouble. Only a matter of time when she will get bored and move on again. She is also a bitch for saying those things rather than trying to help. I doubt I could be with a woman who thought that way about be before, even if she didn't anymore.

    The truth is actually you are too good for her. The fact you are even considering taking her back says a lot about your strength of character and kindness too.

    Find a girl you deserve, not an unemotional train wreck!


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