Should I contact my ex?

so, my ex and I broke up six years ago. It was a very intense reltionship, we fought & loved each other extremely hard and ultimately broke up for a multitude of reasons, all of which could have been avoided. Our breakup was just as intense and extremely heartbreaking for both of us.

I know six years is a long time, but it was a horrible break up that I don't think either of us fully recovered from. We've since both moved on, and we have spoken a couple of times during that six year period, but never about the break up. He has tried to add me on social media a few times and I've declined, not because I don't want to be friends but because I physically can't talk to him without him knowing my thoughts on everything that happened.

The problem is that I don't go a single day without thinking about the awful things that happened during that time and it's been eating away at me.

I've drafted an email which has been sitting in my account for days and I still don't know if I should send it. In the email, there are things which he should have known back then and should know now. The email isn't intended for he and I to get back together or anything like that but it's so that I can be at peace with myself and not continue on with this inner battle everyday.

Opinions? Help!!


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  • You might as well send it. Like you said it's not intended for you guys to get back together but to clear things up basically right? Do it and stop letting it eat away at you any longer.


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  • I know you want to put things to rest but by contacting him u risk upsetting the lives u build since the six years since the relationship my advice is to let it go


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  • Yes. I would. It's been long enough. Give him a call and see how he's doing.


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