Mixed signals... not sure where I stand with my ex boyfriend?

My ex broke up with me 5 months ago saying he didn't want a girlfriend at the moment but still loved me/wished the best for me. I was very taken aback as i thought we were happy - never argued, great sex, got on amazing with each others family etc. We hardly spoke at all since, blocked on fb although i kinda hoped he would get back in touch

We finally got speaking on a night out with mutual friends this weekend and it was great, not awkward at all just got drunk and had a laugh. Once i was pretty drunk however, we were sitting alone and i kissed him however he pulled away and said he wasn't interested and we should just concentrate on having a good time. I was ok with that and the night continued as if it hadn't happened.

Later on the next day back at a friends house, i had been sleeping on the sofa and he came in and asked if i wanted to go watch a dvd with him in his room. i thought, after what he said the previous night he was just being friendly so i went through. we ended up sleeping together for the rest of the day and cuddling.
Does he still like me or not im not sure? i would like to see him again but not sure if i should send the first text!!


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