What's your movie you watch after a break up?

i hate Monday's! There is one comfort movie I like to lay down and just let it all out. I watch The Maze Runner. Part of me knew something wasn't working so he broke up with me over text. The way he said it was imiture. So what type of comfort movie do you watch after a break up?


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  • Dont know, never broken up, but then again, never dated either.

    • This is like my first time I dated someone. And broke up with me. He wasn't pretty good when it came to sex.

    • I'm old fashioned, so I'm ready for sex with a girl, then I'm even more ready to marry her first. A girl having experience in sex has no meaning to me.

    • so IF I'm ready to have sex with a girl, then I'm even more ready to marry her first.

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  • Is it weird that my answer would be romance movies, with The Notebook being a favourite, are the kind I watch after a break up? Not even a break up, but if you ask me what's up and I'm re-watching it for the billionth time, you know things in whichever relationship I'm in at the time are not going well. Something about revisiting when times were really good, specifically the scenes where they're smearing ice cream all over each other's faces or lay in the middle of the empty road at night comfort me in what I suppose would be a slightly twisted way.
    Titanic or 13 Going on 30 are also a close second.

    • Your going to think I'm crazy but I've never seen Titanic. However I will agree with you on 13 Going on 30. LOVE THAT MOVIE.

    • hahah dude, watch Titanic! It's amazing... not so much the ending cause there was totally enough room for both of them but the rest is great. Very cute, if you liked 13 going on 30 I'm sure you'll love Titanic.

    • Idkw I haven't watched the titanic.

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  • Something Borrowed. I love that movie. It wouldn't exactly be comforting in a way, but it would comfort me.

    • Well I mean I have a Ever Afrer: A Cinderella Story. But I really enjoy The Maze Runner sometimes. Just as a side line.

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    • My song for breakups are Artist:The Band Perry Song:Chainsaw & Done

    • My songs for break ups are just a bunch of different rap songs and of course, my favorite, Ed Sheeran, haha. 8)

  • He's Just Not That Into You. Lol. No really.


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