Girls who have been dumped by guys who aren't ready to settle down?

girls dumped by guys that like them?
I recently got dumped by my boyfriend because he wasn't ready to settle down and i was his first girlfriend yet he is still in to me ... He said he can see something arising in the future when he's more mature and ready... So my question is to any girls (and guys i guess) who have been in a situation... Has it ever worked out again in the future ?
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  • The only way it happens us when you cut off all contact and move on.. Then by chance uf you run into each other at a later date, ie over a year or so, if there is still a spark go for it.. but everyone says after experience, it's best to move on and let it be


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What Guys Said 2

  • i never been in this situation
    but i don't think it would work
    but for some people it does cause they still have the connection between them

  • Wait a minute, your 22 and you want to settle down already? That's too young and odds are high that you will get divorced. I don't blame him to be honest that he doesn't want to settle down yet. He likes you and he is perfectly content with the way it is now.

    • No we weren't thinking of settling down yet, god no haha he just knew if we stayed together and didn't break up now he'd fall for me but isn't willing to be the guy that stays with his first girlfriend for the rest of his life

    • Oh, I see. Maybe it can work out, maybe not.

What Girls Said 1

  • I was told the same thing by my very first boyfriend. Turns out, he just wanted to keep me around as one of his side chicks. i was one of many that he would flirt with. He always promised something serious "one day" but that day never came. When i refused to participate in sexual activities, he stopped speaking to me entirely.


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