Help my ex is back and im going crazzzyyy?

He said i did love you but i never told u because i didn't want you to know ... he made a mistake which tore us apart now he's telling me he did care and its hurting bcos i loved him so much ... where both in diffrent relationships but i asked do you love me now ... his reply was i can't answer that ??? please HELP GUYS THIS IS MYWHOLE LIFE DEPENDS ON THIS THANKS ... PS WE WERE LIKE SWEETHEARTS BUT OUR FAMILYS TORE US AWAY INCLUDING HE HURT ME BY GETTN A TART PG ... AND IM SOOO CONFUSEF AGAIN :(


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  • Your in a relationship right now though and so is he..

    • Yes but he was my first love... we went through so much... im really confused do you think i should belive him... i always wanted to know if he cared... ;(

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    • Thank you.. your opinion is thoughtfull.. i agree its time to see how love really is with new guy and i made a decision never to give my ex even hello or goodbye he's pathetic , again much thanks :)

    • Your welcome, I hope everything turns out amazing for you (:

What Girls Said 1

  • Someone else is pregnant now, you two are no longer together. the damage is done.
    You have to try to move on :'( sorry sweetie. Really it'll be for the best.
    if you felt secondary in his life before, it's only gonna be worse when the baby comes. You wanted to know if he loved you, he told you he did. You got your answer. it's time to let go

    • Your so right i deserve better like all do.. im thankfull for your opinion and planning a date with my new guy hopefully all goes well

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