He broke up with me so whys he being so sketchy?

We have been broken up for a week and i really miss him. Its even worse now we are back at school. So today literally everywhere id go hed be in the same area as me. He walked through my study hall four times in one class period, and when wed make eye contact hed act busy on his phone. On Sunday we saw each other at church and he looked really pissed and shocked when we locked eyes. Today in the hallway he was walkng with his friends and i was on the other end of the hallway. He just stopped and his friends continued walking, and it ended up just being me and him in the hallway and he full on checked me out, i didn't even look up at him. I just kept walking. Like he broke up with me so whys he doing this? Its just confusing me even more cause he 'doesnt like me anymore'.... What does this mean and what should i do?


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  • He's probably trying to make you jealous or just playing mind games with you. Just try ignore him or better yet try to act like he doesn't exist.

    • Oh girl i do it. And i think its cause he misses me.

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  • What a sleaze. Maybe he knows that you're still pining for him so he can get away with doing it.


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