How long did u suffer the breakup of ur first love?

How long did the break up last? And how did it feel?


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  • She cheated so sad for like a day or two then kinda indifferent towards her afterwards. I was sad until I realized she was a huge bitch and I could do better.


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  • Terrible, I suffered a great deal, it kind of changed my out look on people for the worse, at times I feel like crying. I get so mad I let him in.. I let him know me with out running, and he took the love, the pure love I had for him as a lover a friend someone I admired.. and trusted with almost everything. manipulated it turned it in to something and someone I hate now, I worked hard not to be insecure, unloving, I believe in showing affection, being someone great, to myself and others,... Now I'm a shell of my former self all my life I worked on me, I already knew I had issues I wasn't perfect but I was sweet.. he managed to undo that in less than three 3years. Nice hug? :(

    • I know EXACTLY how you feel. You couldn't have described it better. It'll be okay. We just can't let anyone bring us down ever again.

    • Yeah, good luck

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  • Uhm we never dated he was my bestfriend and I fell in love with him and he said he was never my bestfriend, and that he was leading me on. And it took me 2 months, and now because of that I am always hesitant to say that this new guy likes me I always say he's probably leading me on, even though on here I've asked severeal questions and mostly everyone except one person said that he definitely is interested but it's hard to believe and all because of the first.

    • Oh it hurt like hell, I cried every night, I refused to go anywhere I even left the church he attended.

  • I was over my first love (we dated for 2 years) in about 2 weeks after we broke up. I had been getting really irritated with him for about a month or so beforehand, though.


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