My ex and I broke up a few months ago, went for coffee once, Now I feel like I'm being needy. What do I do?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago. I started doing 1 month of no contact, then after a month I contacted her to see how she's doing and stuff and we messaged eachother on our birthdays, and talked once in a while here and there, and a few weeks ago we met up for coffee for the first time since the breakup. The coffee meetup went really good. Very upbeat and fun. and I was totally chill and laid back And fun during the meet up. She mentioned meeting up again but she has not messaged me yet about it.

I've been texting her casually and also reminded her about meeting up again and she said she's down. But the past couple days I haven't really got any good signals about anything. Like I would send her a funny video that's an inside joke on social media and get no response to it even though i can see she's currently active and she would usually find it funny.

Anyway, The past couple days I've just felt like I've been really needy because I didn't get a response to the last thing I sent. You know that "needy anxiety" that you know they saw what you sent but they don't care to give any attention to it?

What should I do? I really want her back, and I have shown her I'm doing well on my own and that I'm happy. Should I go back to no contact for a month and start over? Or should I wait a couple weeks and then mention meeting up again and try to take up her offer for a second meetup? Or should I forget about her all together?

I don't want to be needy or desperate but somehow the past few days since we met up, I keep trying to get her attention. Please help.


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  • I know exactly how you feel. My ex does this to me. Just wait and do no contact

    • Damn. Even though we met up and it went really well and it felt like the good times in our relationship, It sucks that it goes amazing then the vibe suddenly changes. Why does this happen?

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    • So what should I do in the meantime?

    • Do you. Make yourself happy and do things that make you happy try to forget about her. All you can do is hope and pray for a reply back

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  • Why are you talking to you ex lol

    • Because the relationship was good overall and we seem to be getting along when we do talk now,

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    • Easier said than done my friend

    • No shit. Just gotta do it. You will thank yourself later. When shit is done it's done. There is no fixing or going back or making things better than before. No even time will do that. It's over.

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  • check out this topic on Smartican, "Ask the Relationship Expert", this might help you. They give great relationship advice. Try it out!

    • Got any tips for me here?

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