Should I meet with him?

We were never really together. I told him a like to be more than friends but he told me were better of as friends. Of course it hurt a lot since I was already imagining life with him. And because it was him who first told me he likes me as more than friends and he changed his mind. Well, he said it's becaues of the long distance too.

anyway, I was wondering if I should still ask him to meet up? Somehow, I feel like I want to apologize to him. I know I haven't exactly been very good to him. I was too clingy and demanding I guess. I feel guilty becaue I know I also have a part why we didn't work out.

I'd be visiting the country where he studies for my vacation you think it's okay to meet up? We haven't talked for a month


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  • It will probably be okay as long as u don't show up without him knowing

    • Thanks! Just wondering, would this seem too desperate and clingy, still?

    • No you have given him heaps of space so just slowly start talking to him and then tell him u are coming to the same country for a vacation and ask if he would like to meet up

What Girls Said 1

  • LDR are One of the Hardest Ones to Have and to Up hold of Any here, dear. I can tell you First hand how true this is. I have a husband out in Egypt whom I left behind 3 years ago, and... have not returned to, due to our many marital problems and the Middle East getting worse year by year...
    Contact him and go slow now with your flow. You know how he feels for sure and being friends right now, nursing and nurturing a friendship, could very well, if it is meant to be, Change in the future.
    Let him know about your holiday idea and see where this goes. There is no reason of this season to get into all the details and the redrick of it all. Everything has been said that Needs to be sad, just be friendly and lite and sweet... show him you are Not-------Too clingy and demanding now.
    Actions will speak louder than words but more than this... the proof will be in the pudding and speak volumes as well.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the reply! Actually, there are a lot of things I want to clarify with him, I mean, I want to explain my side, why I was hurt and stuff but I don't want to ruin our shot at friendship. I was also planning to write there that I agree with his decision, that I just want him to be happy and if it's not with me then I'm honestly okay with it.

      I was planning to just write it all out in a letter and just give it to him before we part ways (after we meet up). Would that be okay? Or should I not bring up our break up anymore?

    • Let sleeping dogs lie for now and just see if you can meet up and see How that goes for now anyways... oh, so welcome. xx

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